Throughout the pandemic, I will be following guidelines issued by

the government, NHS, other relevant authorities and my professional association, the Federation of Holistic Therapists, regarding safe & hygienic practice and the use of any personal protective equipment (PPE).

Learn more about the medicinal qualities of plants that grow in your garden and hedgerows. Empower yourself with knowledge to take care of your health naturally.

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I love meeting new people and learning about how their lives have shaped them. It constantly fascinates me how our feet tell us so much about what is happening in the body and how we have had to respond to life

After a career in graphic design I had a change of heart, which was the start of my training in a somatic therapy called Rosen Method. This prompted further interest in bodywork and I studied for a qualification in complimentary therapies. I find feet especially intriguing and continue to be amazed at how a treatment on the feet can affect the whole body. Reflexology is a gentle, relaxing way to boost your bodies capacity to heal.

The body is an endlessly fascinating instrument. I believe it has a life force or vital energy system which can be effected by our lifestyle and the experiences in our lives.

What we think and feel has an immediate effect on our physical health.

Our emotional or psychological state greatly influences the onset of illness as well as our ability to heal. Through illness our body is giving us a message, telling us something is out of balance. By listening to the message, we have a chance to contribute to our health. I am interested in helping people learn and discover what might be stifling their healing process. By looking at the emotional connection to our ailments we can help reduce our resistance and increase our natural healing power.

Creating peace, balance and harmony in our minds will be reflected in our lives.